WordPress Stats Infographic, Simplified

I like infographics just as the next guy but some are just hard to read. Not that they are badly designed, there is just so much information on them, that ...

By Valik Rudd

I like infographics just as the next guy but some are just hard to read. Not that they are badly designed, there is just so much information on them, that making sense and trying to relate to any of it is just over my head, and I like to think that I understand WordPress pretty well. 

This WordPress stats infographic is great. It tells you a lot of info but I had a hard time looking at it so I decided to take all the info back out of it and simplify it even more. Here goes, tell me if you get it.

WordPress Stats

  • 72,400,000 websites run on WordPress
  • 20-25% of all websites built in 2011 used WordPress
  • 98 versions of WordPress has been released
  • 14.7% of the world’s top 1,000,000 websites run on WordPress
  • 48% of the top 100 blogs run on WordPress
  • Over 12,000,000 downloads of WordPress version 3.3
  • Version 3.3 is used on 26.9% of all WordPress powered sites
  • WordPress.com is the 18th most popular website in the UK
  • 22% of all new domains registered in the US are running on WordPress
  • WordPress.com is the 8th most popular website in Indonesia
  • There are 40 complete official translations of WordPress
  • Over 352,000,000 people view pages on WordPress.com in an average month
  • Over 2,500,000 pages are viewed on WordPress.com in an average month
  • About 500,000 new posts are added to WordPress.com in an average day
  • 1 Multisite installation of WordPress MS is running over 32,000,000 sites
  • Over 826,000 videos were embedded in WordPress sites in the first week of March 2012
  • Users switch themes over 225,000 times in an average week
  • WordPress holds 53.8% share of the Content Management Systems market
  • WordPress.org sites got 1,400,000 visits from the UK in March 2012
  • WordPress.org sites got 2,400,000 visits from the US in March 2012
  • Average WordPress project costs in the average of $50 per hour
  • Over 36,000 WordPress developers are available at oDesk.com
  • Over 86,396 WordPress jobs are posted on oDesk.com
  • WordPress is the 5th most requested skill at oDesk.com
  • Over 100,000 WordPress developers are available at Freelancer.com
  • Over $3,600,000 in WordPress projects have been completed at Freelancer.com
  • Over 19,000 free plugins are available at the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Over 285,000,000 downloads of free plugins from the WordPress Plugin Directory
  • Over 3,010,000 downloads of the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin
  • Over 1,120,000 downloads of the WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

That’s a lot of information. Did you comprehend any of it? It’s amazing how one product can make such a huge impact on the world. I must admit that I am a part of the statistics there as starting about 3 years ago, any new website I’ve built was based on WordPress. Only about 5% of the sites I work on are not based on WordPress. Talking about wold domination.

Ok, so now take a look at all the data in a graphical form and enjoy the eye candy from Yoast.