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Did you know that 71% of all small businesses have a website? More and more companies are realizing just how important having an online presence is. Unfortunately, we are still at the point where many small business owners fail to realize that simply having a website online isn’t enough. The website needs to be good. Poorly designed websites could be costing sales.

As a web designer based in Post Falls, ID, it is my job to help businesses in the local area establish an online presence. My work not only helps to boost sales in the Post Falls area, but nationally, or even internationally.

The Importance of Having a Website in Post Falls, ID

Post Falls may be a small town, but we have a huge number of local businesses. Some of these companies are targeting those in the local area, while other businesses are selling products ; services further afield. All of them need a website.

In the past, if you wanted to track down a business, you would either need to know it exists already (perhaps from friends ; family members), or pull out a phone directory and flick through the pages in the hope that it is up-to-date enough that you can find a business that still exists. Things are different now. In this ever-connected world, you just need to load up your favorite search engine (e.g. Google) and tap in whatever you are looking for in the local area.

Search engines have now replaced telephone directories. Carry out a search for a local business, and you essentially have a telephone directory sitting at the top of the search results. A business listed here will make a lot of money. In fact, 97% of people now discover small businesses online. If a business doesn’t have an online presence, then a substantial number of people won’t ever know they exist. This is lost sales. Sales that are heading to competitors.

Even if you are solely selling to people in the Post Falls area (e.g. hairdressers, accountants, local stores), most people in Post Falls, or traveling through this part of Idaho, will learn of you online. You need a website, or nobody will ever find you.

While it is impossible to know exactly how much sales increase by having a website, studies have estimated that a business that launches online sees a 15%-50% increase in sales. Since many local businesses are struggling against some of the bigger players in the business, even a small increase in sales can really help.

Every single week, businesses in Post Falls launch new websites. All of them searching for new business in Post Falls, and sometimes beyond. If you own a business and have yet to launch a website, now is the best time to do it. Get ahead of your competitors.

Why Proper Web Design Is Important

Contrary to popular belief, launching a website isn’t enough. The website needs to look good. In fact, studies have shown that poorly designed websites can cost sales.

One study showed that 37.5% of people will judge a website as soon as they land on it. They will look at the colors, the layout, the overall branding, etc. 37% of people will ditch a website if it doesn’t look good, mostly in favor of competing websites.

If that wasn’t enough, 57% of mobile users will refuse to use a website that works poorly on their small screens. I don’t blame them. Why should a person waste their time browsing a poorly-designed website? There are plenty of alternative websites out there. Ones that show that they care.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses in Post Falls have yet to realize this. I have lost track of the number of sites operated from this fine town that are nothing more than a splash page, or look like something that has been ripped out of the 1990s. Businesses think that these sites are helping them to make money, but they aren’t. They are dead money.

Good web design is all about purpose. It is about driving a website visitor to do something. This will vary based on the business. Sometimes, the aim is to encourage people to make a call or drop an email. In others, a business may want a person to make a purchase online. A good web designer will know this. They will understand the exact methods needed. A website in the hands of a professional web designer will deliver value to a business. A website in the hands of an inexperienced designer will cost money.

The Importance of Choosing The Right Site Designer

There are a lot of people that claim they can do web design, but only a few of them can do it properly. When you have a business in Post Falls, Idaho, you want to be working with a web designer that understands the local market. By working with a local web designer, your site can be in tune with what the locals want.

A good web designer will work with a business to establish a ‘plan of attack’. Every business is unique. Not just in terms of the products ; services they offer, but their branding and the overall aims of the company. A quality web designer will bear all of this in mind when coming up with a unique site design. Any business will want a website as unique as they are.

When you work with me, you will be working with one of the most experienced web designers in Idaho. I have helped countless businesses, just like yours, to establish an online presence. I have helped to boost the sales of many businesses in Post Falls, some of which you are probably using on a regular basis.

The talents I have to create a website strategy and plan are an investment. When you invest in a website designed by me, you will see a return. A quality website will deliver a fast return too. Work with me, and your sales could increase between 15% and 50% in just a few months.

As I work from within Post Falls, I can create a website that caters to the local market. I know what people in the area want. I know which types of websites have been successful for businesses just like yours.

About Google Local Search

All of my websites are designed with local search in mind. Remember earlier when we discussed how most people find local businesses through search engines, notably the small phone directory that appears at the top of local business searches? My sites can have you ranked in that list, often right at the top of it. This means your business could be the first one people call.

When you have a website designed by a local web designer in Idaho, you have an advantage of providing what the local searchers want. A quality website will rank above your competitors, ensuring that your site has the biggest chance of making a sale.

Need a Web Designer in Post Falls, ID? Reach Out Today

Since you have landed on this page, I am sure that you already know just how important getting the right website is for your business. I know how important it is too. Let’s work together! Get in touch with me today, and we discuss your website needs. I can help you to create a website that can lead to an increased number of sales. Why not make an investment in a new site today?

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