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Rank #1 in Google in Spokane

We all want to rank #1 in Google, but it is realistic? Well, as you can see in the screenshot above, it is possible for Beauty By Svetlana. Svetlana used to live in Spokane and we worked on her site to get it to #1 but then she moved to Florida and we had to shuffle things around and re-rank her site for Mt. Dora where her business is based now.

There are 2 factors that affect the possibility to rank #1 and they are;

1. Level of Competition
2. Local Search Engine Optimization

Depending on who ranks in the number 1 position now, we can work on building up the site to be able to overcome the authority of the competitor and by optimizing the website with on-site and off-site SEO we will work to secure the #1 spot.

Local SEO
SEO Process

Our Process

When a client comes to us looking to rank in the Spokane, Post Falls or Coeur d’Alene local results in Google, we first talk to them about their services and their company.

When we know more about them and what they offer, we research the competition in their market and see who ranks and who doesn’t to see what we’re dealing with.

The next step is to optimize the website to make sure it is ready for local SEO and has all the necessary settings configured.

The keyword research is done to find the best keywords to target and this is when we start building out the individual pages to target each keyword. There are many check items that we follow to build out the pages, to make sure each page is optimized to not only rank for the main keyword but also to rank for closely related terms.

The ongoing relationship continues on to keep building out more and more keywords and more and more supporting blog posts.

Contact us today to get started on your way to #1 position in Google.

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How Local Search Works and How You Found Us

Local SEO for local businesses

When you search for something in the Search Engines, you type in some question or keyword and click Search. All the magic happens after that. The Search Engine searches through its databases and using an algorithm determines which website goes in which order to the results page.

The algorithm is vey complicated but what we know is it wants to see web pages that are highly relevant on the topic that is being searched for, and, that the page has authority in the topic to be able to provide not just useful information but also factual.

With local search, by adding the geographical keyword like Spokane to the query, you are limiting the results to sites that are within this geographical area, which has less competition and is easier to rank for.

Just like when you were looking for someone to help you with local SEO in Spokane. Because we made this page all about this topic and provided a lot of useful information about it, but also, because this website has some authority in this space, this page shows up towards the top of the results.

Because you are looking for someone to help you with local SEO in Spokane, you were brought to this page. We optimized it to be useful and to focus on this topic and this is why it was presented to you. To guess a possible keyword that you were searching for, here is a list of words that we think that you might have searched for to end up here.

“local SEO” + in Spokane“local SEO” + Spokane
“SEO” + in Spokane“SEO” + Spokane
“Rank #1 in Google” + in Spokane“Rank #1 in Google” + Spokane
“Google Map Listing” + in Spokane“Google Map Listing” + Spokane
Spokane + “SEO Company”“SEO Company” = in Spokane
“SEO” + Spokane“SEO” + Spokane Valley
Spokane + “SEO”Spokane Valley + “SEO”
“Best SEO Company” + in Spokane“Best SEO Company” + Spokane
“SEO” + in Spokane WA“SEO” + Spokane WA
“SEO agency” + in Spokane“SEO Agency” + Spokane
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Spokane + “SEO Company”“SEO Company” + in Spokane
“SEO” + Spokane“SEO” + Spokane Valley
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“Best SEO Company” + in Spokane“Best SEO Company” + Spokane
“SEO” + in Spokane WA“SEO” + Spokane WA
“SEO agency” + in Spokane“SEO Agency” + Spokane
“SEO Services” + in Spokane“SEO Services” + Spokane
“local SEO” + in Post Falls“local SEO” + Post Falls
“SEO” + in Post Falls“SEO” + Post Falls
“Rank #1 in Google” + in Post Falls“Rank #1 in Google” + Post Falls
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“SEO” + in Post Falls ID“SEO” + Post Falls ID
“SEO agency” + in Post Falls“SEO Agency” + Post Falls
“SEO Services” + in Post Falls“SEO Services” + Post Falls
“local SEO” + in Coeur d’Alene“local SEO” + Coeur d’Alene
“SEO” + in Coeur d’Alene“SEO” + Coeur d’Alene
“Rank #1 in Google” + in Coeur d’Alene“Rank #1 in Google” + Coeur d’Alene
“Google Map Listing” + in Coeur d’Alene“Google Map Listing” + Coeur d’Alene
Coeur d’Alene + “SEO Company”“SEO Company” = in Coeur d’Alene
Coeur d’Alene + “SEO”Coeur d’Alene + “SEOs”
“Best SEO Company” + in Coeur d’Alene“Best SEO Company” + Coeur d’Alene
“SEO” + in Coeur d’Alene ID“SEO” + Coeur d’Alene ID
“SEO agency” + in Coeur d’Alene ID“SEO Agency” + Coeur d’Alene ID
“SEO Services” + in Coeur d’Alene ID“SEO Services” + Coeur d’Alene ID
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How To Rank Your Website #1 In Spokane Results

This will be a complete guide to ranking your website #1 in the Spokane results in Google. It is not a quick process and you have to be prepared for a lot of work and delayed rewards. It usually takes from 3 to 6 months to start seeing results, so patience and resilience is very important in this endeavor.

Local SEO vs General SEO

Not all search is the same. General SEO targets broad keywords and competes with the entire world for the stop at the top. Local SEO focuses on a local geographic area and only competes with businesses within that area. This makes it a lot easier to compete but also narrows down the leads generated to people that can actually be your customers.

This is why businesses that are limited to local customers need Local SEO for their website.

Local SEO

Where To Begin?

If you are going to do this yourself, here is a guide for you to follow. Don’t rush the process and do each step completely before moving on to the next one. Remember that this is a long process that will take months to see results. So just chip away at it a little at a time if you have to but don’t give up on it.

Optimize The Website First

Before you can start building out the keywords, you need to prepare the website to be ready for focusing on keywords. There are some important things the website has to have to be able to rank well in the local results.


No, it’s not time to take a nap. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone Number. Make sure to add your business name, address and phone number on all the pages of the website. Make sure to keep them EXACT, ALWAYS! The way you write the name of the business and the format of the address and phone number should always be the same.

If you business name has spaces in the name or if it has LLC on the end of it, make sure to always write it the same way. It has to be identical everywhere across the Internet.

The address needs to be written the same way each time. The Suite number, the street direction (West or W.). Determine what the right way is and stick to it, always!

The phone number is a big one. People will write it with parenthesis and sometimes they will leave them out. Determine the way you are going to write it and always have it show the same way.

For my company, I have my NAP info in the footer of the website and I always copy it from there, any time I need to enter it somewhere, so it always shows the same way.

Legal & Disclaimers

There are a few pages that are mandatory on all websites per Google’s terms. If we want to play in Google’s playground, we have to follow their rules. They require that every website has a Terms Of Service page and a Privacy Policy page. If you sell products and offer refunds, you also need a Refunds Policy page. If you sell affiliate products, you will need an Affiliate Disclosure page. If you accept guest posts on your website, you will need an Editorial Policy page. Make sure these exist on the website before you move on to the next step.

Google My Business

To be able to display in the local map listing in Google, you need to register your business in the Google My Business and add all the business info there. Remember to keep the NAP information exactly the same as on your website.

Social Media

This step is not crucial, but I recommend to at least have the LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Instagram and Twitter accounts created for your business. There are so many others out there, about which we will talk in the next Citations section but the main ones you need to have and keep them alive by posting there regularly. You can post the same content across all of them at the same time using tools like Hootsuite or Metricool.


Other social sites and all kinds of directories across the web that let you create accounts, and display your business info and a link back to your site are useful to build arrows pointing to your website. These are weak signals as individual listings but when you have 300 of them it helps a bunch for strength of the site. You don’t have to maintain these accounts, just have access to them in case you ever need to change some information on them.

Local Directories

A very valuable listing for a local business website is a listing on a local business directory, or even better a local business directory within your category of business. For a plumber in Spokane, a Spokane home repair directory would be amazing to get a listing in. Search for other Spokane related directories and get your listing in them.

Getting a listing in a related topic directory that is not local is as valuable as well. The more you can do, the better it is.


You need to figure out what keywords you want to rank for. Make a list of keywords that are important to your business. A list of services you offer and products you sell. If you are a plumber in Spokane, then your main keywords will be plumber, plumbing, leak, water heater, and etc. List out all the words and then prioritize them in the order of importance or relevance.

Now add to those keywords the word “in Spokane”. So your word “plumbing” will now be “plumbing in Spokane”.

Pick the top 3 keywords from your list and work on those first. Then move on to the next 3, and so on.

Services Page

If you don’t already have the Services page on your website, it is the first step you need to accomplish. Make a Services page with a little about your company and what makes you stand out from all the other companies and your service. Then list the services you offer below that and include 1 paragraph of information about each service.

Include some customer testimonials on this page as well is you have some. If you don’t have any you can use, reach out to the last 3 customers you worked with and as if they would be willing to send you a testimonial. It doesn’t have to be much, just a paragraph is enough. Include their name under the testimonial for credibility.

Each Service Page

Now that you have the Services page with a list of services you offer, it is time to go deep into each service.

Create a page on your website for each service you offer. But don’t create all of them at the same time. You need to focus on each completely and only move on to the next one after the one you’re working on is perfect.

Start the page with a little about your company again. Make sure not to copy the text from any other pages on your website. This text has to be unique. Follow this with a little about why someone should choose your company instead of someone else for this service.

Then add some overview about the service you provide and why someone would need it.

The next section is some information about the benefits and features of the service as well as details about the product types you use and why they are better.

If there is anything else, like a process you use or anything else that is worth telling the customer about this service, add it on.

Make sure to add photos. Your own photos are the best, even if they are not great quality. Try not to have to use stock images as much as you can. Your own photos give your page the credibility it needs.

Emphasis & Attention

When writing content on your service pages, format important information using Bold or Italics to emphasize important things to pay attention to. Also include bullet lists to make it easy to scan the content and jump to important items.

Including a table of data is also very good for signals of authority and usefulness. Create a useful and readable page that a visitor would be able to get through without being bored. Keep them on the page with formatting.

Meta Information for SEO

Aside from the text on the page, Google and other Search Engines, like to see additional info called Meta data that is added specifically for them to tell them more info about the page, to help them understand it and better know where to rank it.

The 4 important Meta data elements you need to add to the page are, the meta title tag, the meta description tag, H1 title, H2 and H3 titles, Alt text for images and photos.

Meta Title

This is usually not visible when editing the page, but a lot of times it will be set to the same text as the title of the page. In WordPress this is what it does, but you can also edit it if you install a plugin like Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO. These plugins give you a section in the page editor where you can enter a specific title and description for the page.

The title should be 64 characters of less and be the title of your page usually.

Meta Description

The meta description is not usually visible either and sometimes will pull in a part of the first paragraph of the page to be the description. The best way to control this is using a Yoast SEO or Rank Math SEO plugin for WordPress sites.

Write a description that is 160 characters or less and is descriptive about what this page is about.


It is important to have an hierarchal structure to the page, the main title of the page should be an H1 title. In HTML it would look like this: <h1>Title Goes here</h1>. This tells the Search Engine that it is the main topic of the page.

The next important section on the page should be an H2 sub-title. This will be a sub-topic under the main H1 topic. Any child topics will continue to increase, like H3, H4 and so on. This will tell the Search Engines the structure of the content and which part belongs to which broader topic.


When you add images to the site, make sure to include the “Alt tag”. An Alt tag is actually a parameter added to the image tag in the HTML code for the image. It tells the Search Engines what the image is. Try to use a relevant image so you can have a relevant alt text describing the image and so it would be on point for the keyword you are trying to rank the page for.

Do not stuff keywords on the page. Make it natural. For instance if our page is about plumbing in Spokane, have a photo of Spokane with the alt text of “Spokane downtown” and a photo of some plumbing pipes with an alt text of “running water pipes to the kitchen”.

Link From Services Page

Now that your individual service page is ready, go back to the Services page where you have all your services listed and link from each service to the individual service page with a “More Info” link or button.

Website Navigation Menu

Make sure that the navigation menu at the top of your website has a link to the Services page. You can also add the individual service pages in the sub-navigation under the Services menu item. This will add more interlinking within the website to help create “information silos” within the website.

Customer Reviews

This is a crucial step and you should take it seriously if you want to rank well in the local Spokane listings. Ask every single customer for a Google review after the work is done. Print some business cards with a QR code on them to your Google My Business listing, directly to the Leave a Review page. Also follow up with them a couple days after to see how everything is going and ask again for them to leave a review.

The Blog

To give you another edge over the competition in Spokane, post an industry or related local news blog post at least once a month on your website. Post an article about the product you use in your service or feature a customer or a case study. Link to your service pages (one at a time, not all of them in one blog post), from the blog post.

Most businesses in Spokane do not keep their blog updated, so you doing it regularly will put you ahead of them 1 notch.

Don’t have Time!

This is common and it’s OK. You are busy doing what it is you do best, this is why we are here. We can help you do all of this, all you need to do is reach out and tell us. We are waiting for your call!

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