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Creating a relationship with your readers and giving them valuable information will help convert an average reader into a customer. Getting the visitors to turn into readers is something that only good quality content can do. If you already have that covered, you just need to give them access to it so they can graze on all your goodness. Adding a list of related posts below your primary content is the best way to do this.

I’ve designed and built this plugin for WordPress to use for my own blogs but I wanted to make sure it was available to everyone else that wanted to take advantage of it. ¬†This being my first complete WordPress plugin, I’ve learned a lot as I built it. With this knowledge I have the skills to build other plugins and I look forward to that.

The sales page for the plugin was designed to be clean and informative so it is easy to understand what is offered and how to purchase it. I did not invest in the professional looking sales video yet but I think that the one I put up there gives all the information that’s needed at this point. I will replace it with a professional one a little later.

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