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List Of 69 Design Related (Available) Domains I Didn’t Choose

List of good domain names that I compiled, in case anyone else wants to pluck something good from it that they can use. Check them out.

By Valik Rudd

So I had to change my business name, thanks to Facebook. Yeah it’s silly to care about what Facebook thinks but ultimately, it is like driving a car with a spare tire. It just doesn’t feel like it’s 100% anymore. Like there is something missing. Especially with social marketing being so predominant these days, being on Facebook is important.

What happened is, I published a post on my business Facebook page about some SEO services I offer. Facebook offered me to “boost” this post, so I did. My mistake was to target general audience and not very much pin point it, so a lot of them must have clicked the “Spam” button. Next thing I know, Facebook tells me my domain is not safe and they banned it. Nothing I post, or anyone posts, about my website is allowed to be published. The bad thing is that there is no way to get them to reconsider or reply to anything I send them. It’s just not cool.

I have also been thinking about changing the business name for a long time now. I wanted to change it to something easier to remember. Fly New Media, was just too weird ad hard to remember for people. I also wanted it to include the words “web design”, “design” or “creative” in it.

When I made the decision to go ahead and change the name, the first thing was to find the domain name. I love domains and love hunting for a good one, but this hunt took me on a long journey. I think I spent about 6 to 8 days searching for a domain, finding out that a lot of good domains with the words “design” and “creative” in it are taken. Taken not by other designers, but by domain hoarders that resell them for crazy amounts.

It took me days to compile a list of possible domains I could use that were available and I really didn’t want to invest any more time into this little project, so I just decided to pick from my compiled list. This is how Timber Web Design name came about. Timber is an easy word to remember, it is completely irrelevant and follows by “Web Design” which is also easy to remember.

The rest of the domains I found are also ok and I’d hate to just toss them, so I decided to write a post about this and publish the list of domains that I compiled, in case anyone else wants to pluck something good from it that they can use.

Let me know in the comments if you snatched one from this list, so we all know it’s not available anymore, and just for fun, so I know. 🙂

So, behold, the list:

Please let me know in the comments if you took one for your self from this list, so we know it’s not available anymore.

4 thoughts on “List Of 69 Design Related (Available) Domains I Didn’t Choose”

  1. Pretty sweet list Valik! Great ideas there for other startups/freelancers/companies. Sucks that Facebook did that too you. I wonder who ultimately decided your website was unsafe? And under what terms is your site unsafe? It’s ridiculous.

    • Thanks Heather. Yeah I don’t know. I searched online about others in the same boat, and apparently there are many, but nobody has an answer. If you got hit, there is nothing you can do.


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