Large and Old WordPress site Transfer Case Study

Recently I’ve been getting jobs that required me to transfer them from one host company to another. To complicate things the most resent project I worked on also was stuck in an old version of WordPress, theme, PHP version and outdated plugins. Oh and also it had thousands of old posts and some files were scattered all over the server, not in directories where they should be. Did I mention it was also stuck in a WordPress MU along with other sites?

I had my hands full. But fortunately I know the architecture of WordPress and how it all comes together and have done lots of transfers in the past so I wasn’t clueless coming into this project.

After downloading all the site files and identifying the data that belongs to this site and downloading all of that too, I was able to install a new version of WordPress and a new version of the Divi theme on the new server, into which I could upload all the site data and files.

Of course it wasn’t that easy and I had to chase down all kinds of missing files and pull them in from the old server, adjust all kinds of things and finally about 3 weeks down the road the site was up and ready for the domain to be pointed to it.

I love it that WPEngine automatically gives you a staging URL to use while everything is being set up before the main domain is pointed to it. Makes things so much easier.

If you have a Word Press site that needs to be transferred to a new host, please contact me and I will help you get it done! Call or text me at (509) 954-0795 or email

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