Generating Ideas For Info Products Using Chat GPT ai

Generating Ideas For Info-Products Using Chat GPT (AI)

This is a prompt to have Chat GPT generate some ideas for you for info-products campaign. The campaign includes free opt-in give away ideas, the low-cost tripwire product ideas and ...

By Valik Rudd

This is a prompt to have Chat GPT generate some ideas for you for info-products campaign. The campaign includes free opt-in give away ideas, the low-cost tripwire product ideas and the higher value upsell product ideas. It has never been easier to generate these.

IMPORTANT: to make your ideas unique, add more details to the prompt to limit it’s options so the ideas will be different from if someone else used the same prompt.

Digital product funnel

The Chat GPT Prompt

Imagine you are a blog writer for a blog about BBQ Grills and you are getting a lot of visitors to the posts about becoming a grill pro. You want to create an info product or a digital product to first offer them as a free giveaway to collect their email and then a product that can be sold to them at a low price as a tripwire product. And then after they purchase the tripwire product you want to upsell them a higher value and price product as an upsell. What info product or digital product ideas would you come up with for each, the email opt-in give away, the tripwire product and the higher value product? Generate 10 product ideas for each, don’t add any of the details for now, just the ideas.

The Chat GPT Response

Email Opt-in Giveaway Product Ideas:

  • “5 Essential BBQ Techniques Every Grill Master Should Know” (eBook)
  • “BBQ Quick Start Guide: Tips & Tricks for Beginners” (PDF)
  • “The Ultimate Grill Maintenance Checklist” (Printable PDF)
  • “Grilling Season Calendar: Best Foods to Grill Each Month” (Digital Calendar)
  • “The Essential Grilling Tools Checklist” (PDF)
  • “3 Perfect BBQ Sauce Recipes from the Pros” (eBook)
  • “Grill Temperature & Timing Cheat Sheet” (Printable Chart)
  • “BBQ Quiz: Test Your Grilling IQ” (Interactive Quiz)
  • “Mistakes to Avoid for First-Time Grillers” (eBook)
  • “Seasoning Secrets for BBQ Perfection” (eBook)

Tripwire Product Ideas:

  • “Master the Grill: A Step-by-Step Video Course for Beginners”
  • “The BBQ Bible: 50 Mouth-Watering Recipes with Full-color Photos” (Digital Cookbook)
  • “The Grill Master Toolkit: Templates, Checklists, and Planners”
  • “Grill & Chill: Curated BBQ Playlists for Every Occasion” (Digital Download)
  • “BBQ Around the World: Discover International Grilling Techniques” (eBook)
  • “Smoking Mastery: A Beginner’s Guide to Wood Chips & Techniques” (Video Series)
  • “Art of Marination: Online Workshop with BBQ Experts”
  • “The Grill Master’s Journal: Track Your BBQ Progress & Recipes” (Digital Interactive Journal)
  • “BBQ Safety & Clean-up: A Comprehensive Video Guide”
  • “Crafting the Perfect Burger: From Basics to Gourmet” (Video Course)

Higher Value Upsell Product Ideas:

  • “BBQ Masterclass: Advanced Techniques & Recipes with Celebrity Chefs” (Premium Video Course)
  • “The Ultimate Grilling Membership Club: Monthly Recipes, Tips, and Exclusive Content”
  • “The Comprehensive Guide to BBQ Smokers: Techniques, Reviews & Recipes” (eBook & Video Bundle)
  • “VIP BBQ Retreat: Virtual Live Sessions with World-renowned Grill Masters”
  • “One-on-One Grilling Coaching: Personalized Feedback & Lessons”
  • “BBQ Business: How to Start Your Own Catering or Restaurant” (eBook & Webinar Series)
  • “Advanced Grill Design & Customization Workshop”
  • “The World of BBQ: A Culinary Journey of Grilling & Smoking” (Premium Digital Cookbook with Tutorials)
  • “Gourmet BBQ Catering & Presentation Techniques” (Video Course)
  • “BBQ Connoisseur: Pairing Grilled Foods with Wines & Beverages” (Video Series & Recipe Guide)

Building The Campaign

To use this information to build out your campaign, you will need to start with the freebie first. Create an opt-in offer and give away the freebie to those that opt into your email list.

Build out at least 10 daily emails in the auto-responder. Balance valuable information emails with your offer by sending out 2 to 3 valuable info emails followed by an offer email, then again 3 to 4 valuable info emails followed by an offer emails, and then do that one more time and follow by a hard sell for your tripwire.

Once they take advantage of the tripwire product, you can follow up with an upsell offer of your high value product.

Following emails should follow the same pattern and a hard sell for the high value product.

Free Opt-In Product

This product should be valuable and free. Once they submit the form, the thank you page should let them download the product and an email should go out with the download link.

Tripwire Product

The Tripwire product should be more valuable than the freebie and should be priced very low, from $4, $7 to maybe $9. It should be under $10. It should be a no brainer for them to buy it. The idea is to get them to open their wallet.

High Value Product

This is the ultimate product. It should be super valuable and high quality. It should also be priced at a higher price, from $29 to $69. Or maybe even higher. This product will be offered as an upsell after the tripwire product has been purchased. It is best to have it be a one-click-upsell. Meaning they just click once to add it to their order without having to enter their credit card info again.


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