For over five years now, WebDesignIdeas.org has been the blog where I’ve been dumping all of my knowledge and making notes for my self. It started out as a web design blog and turned into a test blog because of all the different SEO tricks I’ve tried.

Also by doing things that Google doesn’t like, I got it in trouble and I think Google has down graded it’s value, because I can’t believe that a 5 year old blog with good, all-original content would stay PR2 for that long. I did some link selling with that blog and I think Google has picked up on it and that may be what did it in.

The blog is still getting about 30,000 visitors per month but I am not motivated to write any more new posts there. I’ve been thinking about starting a new blog from scratch and doing it the right way this time and finally, the time has come. This is it… you are looking at it.


Durring the life od WebDesignIdeas.org blog, it went through a few themes, some generic, free themes, a few never-finished custom designed ones and this last one was finally done right and finished. My goal was to make it clean and easy to read, and I think I’ve accomplished it. Lot’s of white space, light colors. I also like how the post thumbnails add the nice graphical illustration for every post so you kinda get the feeling what the post is about. I carried that idea over to this blog too.

That’s about all I got to say about this theme. You can see it live at www.WebDesignIdeas.org

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