Another of my personal WordPress blogs with a custom theme. It was a thing I went through a while ago where I tried to go vegetarian but I did not go 100% so I called it SkipMeat as a skipped meat as much as I could. It was good but I went back to meat a while after.

This was all before a juice fast and raw food endeavor I went on and I’ll tell you about that in another post about another blog I created called¬†SkipMeat has a custom theme I designed and coded from scratch because I could not find a theme that was quiet what I wanted it to be. This is a visual theme that also lets you feature posts in the homepage slider as well as have a nice recipe section that organizes the recipe real nicely.

I am thinking to make this theme available for for people to use, so if you are in need of a theme like that, let me know and I may just release it. I just need to get some time to do that and a reason.

You can see the live theme by going to Let me know what you think.

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