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Although ClientEconomy is a third-party template based WordPress site and I didn’t design the look, my part of the project was design of the content and some back end programming. The sales page layout and design is all my work, I also hooked the site up to a PayPal shopping cart.

No, it is not just a paypal button or a link to a paypal cart. On this project, I had to make sure that once the item is purchased and the customer is sent back to the thank you page to download the ebook, the page verifies the purchase before letting them have access to the download. I did some research and found a way to do it with an API call to PayPal.

Another feature that you can not see from the out side is the customer database that the admin has access to in the WordPress control panel. Each purchase information is entered into the database and the admin can view the list of customers as well as download it as a CSV spreadsheet.

This was a fun project to do and I learned another thing I didn’t know before.

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