Editing WooCommerce Product Page Layout – The Right Way 2018

I need to edit the order of elements on the product page in WooCommerce. What I’ve done in the past is copy over the single-product.php from WooCommerce templates folder into my theme into a woocommerce folder. Then I would edit the crap out of it. The correct way to do this is to look in… read more »

The Ultimate Basic WordPress Tutorial

Instead of searching all over the web for something that tells you how to do this and then that in WordPress, I thought to just compile all the best tutorials in one so you can have all the info accessible right on one page. I am not saying that this page has a tutorial for… read more »

How To Add An Admin User To WordPress

I get this question a lot from newbies, “How to add an admin user to WordPress?”, and I decided to write a post about it so I can refer them to it instead fo having to walk through the steps every time.

WordPress: Get Featured Image for Theme or Plugin

When building your own custom theme or plugin for WordPress, you may want to us the get featured image feature to pull in the featured image that is assigned to a particular post. You can specify the exact dimensions that you need for the image or just say thumbnail, medium, large or full and it will call them out based… read more »

Using WordPress Media Uploader in a Plugin or Theme: This One WORKS!

WordPress already has a nice media uploader built in so there is no reason to built another one into your theme or plugin. Pulling it into your project is also super simple, if you know how to do it that is. Finding this illusive code is not as simple as you would think though, as… read more »