Why WordPress Is The Best Platform For Small Businesses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Why WordPress is the best platform for business website

With so many options out there these days regarding building a business website, one important one that needs attention is what platform to build it on. Today there are many options to choose from but which one is right for your business? Let me walk you through several choices that are mainstream and why I… read more »

Why Responsive Design Is Critical in 2019 & 2020

Responsive Design Is Critical in 2019 & 2020

Responsive design is not just versatile and flexible, it is also critical this year and the next. Find out why you need to know this and need to invest in updating your site before its too late.

Barley CMS for WordPress, Content Editing Plugin

WordPress content management system is one of the easiest and powerful platforms there is but this is by far the easiest way to manage a WordPress site.

60+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Responsive WordPress Themes are the talk of the town today, since the release of different mobile devices with various screen sizes, every webmaster wants to serve their audience. That’s the beauty of responsive websites, because they are able to adapt to any screen size and you don’t have to create another website just to target… read more »

22 Types Of Sites You Can Have With WordPress

With WordPress, almost anything is possible and this is why I wanted to put this list together. I wanted to show you that any type of website you have in mind will be 1000% better if you build it on top of the most popular and one of the most powerful platforms in the world…. read more »

WordPress Stats Infographic, Simplified

I like infographics just as the next guy but some are just hard to read. Not that they are badly designed, there is just so much information on them, that making sense and trying to relate to any of it is just over my head, and I like to think that I understand WordPress pretty… read more »