Best Social Sharing Plugin for WordPress

Tired of all the low quality social sharing plugins? Me too! What I have for you here is by far the best social sharing plugin for WordPress on the Inter-web! Take a look and discover something new today.

Barley CMS for WordPress, Content Editing Plugin

WordPress content management system is one of the easiest and powerful platforms there is but this is by far the easiest way to manage a WordPress site.

Automatic Blog Comment SPAM Removal Plugin

Blog Comment SPAM is annoying is an understatement. Working with many clients that run WordPress, I hear their complaints about the massive amounts of commen

Creating a relationship with your readers and giving them valuable information will help convert an average reader into a customer. Getting the visitors to turn into readers is something that only good quality content can do. If you already have that covered, you just need to give them access to it so they can graze… read more »

3 Steps To Increase Your Blog Conversion Rate

Take your monthly conversion amount and divide it by your monthly page views. This will give you your blog conversion rate. You will probably be pretty upset by this number because your page views are lying to you. They make you feel like the blog is doing really good, when in fact the numbers that… read more »

Best SEO Keyword Research Plugin for WordPress

Doing SEO keyword research is a manual process that is very time consuming and having any kind of tool that can help with it is always a good thing. This plugin, called Keyword Winner, lives right in your WordPress admin, and is not just any plugin, it is an awesome plugin!

Top 10 Social Plugins WordPress Bloggers Love

You actually only need to use one of these but you must have at least one. If you do not have a social connection from your blog, you are leaving a lot on the table. That said, there is a new social plugin coming out every week and how to do determine what is the… read more »