For over five years now, WebDesignIdeas.org has been the blog where I’ve been dumping all of my knowledge and making notes for my self. It started out as a web design blog and turned into a test blog because of all the different SEO tricks I’ve tried.

Host4Site Concept

A client from Israel has contacted me to redesign their website and create a WordPress theme. After going through every little detail with them adjusting everything to how they like it, this is what I came up with.


Creating a relationship with your readers and giving them valuable information will help convert an average reader into a customer. Getting the visitors to turn into readers is something that only good quality content can do. If you already have that covered, you just need to give them access to it so they can graze… read more »


A citrus design that still makes my mouth water every time I look at it. I was hired to redesign the front end sales and info part of this campaign tracking tool. I worked from the logo and the little soda-bottle caps icons from the previous design. I am pretty happy with the way the design turned… read more »


Clean and fancy looking design is what I tried to achieve on this design. Before the MLMBlogTheme was what it is now, it began it’s life as a MoneyMasters theme that I was selling on GloThemes.com. This is actually going to be the future home of a collection of themes I am planning to create… read more »


After being overweight for most of my adult life and starting to accept it that this is just who I am, I stumbled on a documentary about a guy that lost 100 pounds on a juice fast. This inspired me to do a juice fast and with that I started doing a daily video about… read more »


An interesting concept for a site, a splash screen where you must enter a password to enter the rest of the blog. It is an invitation-only website and the invited person would receive the password in their invitation. On the inside it has a clean and airy design that uses lots of white space to… read more »


Although ClientEconomy is a third-party template based WordPress site and I didn’t design the look, my part of the project was design of the content and some back end programming. The sales page layout and design is all my work, I also hooked the site up to a PayPal shopping cart.


This is snother WordPress blog with a custom designed theme I built. The client supplied me with a couple of example sites, that show the styles he likes and we worked through it until we achieved the look he liked.


My good friend Ty Tribble and I created this theme for the MLM market, to help brand new as well as experienced bloggers get right to the blogging without having to deal with designing  a custom theme or trying to gather all the plugins for it to make it work as it should.