How To Fit Complex Tables Into Mobile Design?

Making complex tables look good and usable on a mobile device is something I’ve struggled with before and the solutions I came up with were less than optimum. That is until I ran into this article and my world has changed. It is written by Joe Winter where he explains how he fit a wide… read more »

Large and Old WordPress site Transfer Case Study

Timber Web Design - Extraction of Old Wordpress MU Site and Transfer Host

Recently I’ve been getting jobs that required me to transfer them from one host company to another. To complicate things the most resent project I worked on also was stuck in an old version of WordPress, theme, PHP version and outdated plugins. Oh and also it had thousands of old posts and some files were… read more »

Responsive Design & Why Most Websites Are Only 25% Done

As Apple and their competitors invent more and more devices that are capable of displaying websites, the old way of building sites is no longer enough.

How Not To Waste Your Money On Web Design

Many businesses today will drop a few thousand dollars on a website and then it will just sit there and look pretty with no return on investment. Here is how not to waste your money on web design.

List Of 69 Design Related (Available) Domains I Didn’t Choose

List of good domain names that I compiled, in case anyone else wants to pluck something good from it that they can use. Check them out.

How To Hire A Web Designer, Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

There are many choices when you need to get your website designed, but at the same time there are only very few, it all depends what you really need. Seriously though, we all already know this..

Border Radius CSS Generator Tool

If you’ve ever needed to make rounded corners on an element while building a website, you know that if you don’t have this code memorized, it is a pain in the butt to go look for the code that works in all the browsers. Good news! I found a somple generator that will give you… read more »

30 Stunning Colorful WordPress Websites

For your inspiration, here are some awesome colorful and creative website design ideas. I like to go through and pick out these  great looking sites from everything I see online these days and put it together into a nice collection.

A Better Bare-Bones Theme for WordPress

When starting a new WordPress theme design, I like to use a blank theme as the base to which I build upon so I do not have to create every theme from a blank page, again and again. I’ve been using a simple “blank” theme called Naked but it is way too stripped down. There… read more »

Awesome WordPress Theme Design –

Once in a blue moon I stumble upon a design that is so awesome that I just can’t not drop everything and file it into my blog for reference. This site, that belongs to Ryan Blair, is one of those sites, it is clean and very easy to look at. The colors on it flow… read more »