10 Tips To Saving 62% On Marketing Costs & Getting 3X More Leads

Did you know that there are online marketing methods that are evergreen?… Meaning that no matter what Google throws at SEO in the future

Barley CMS for WordPress, Content Editing Plugin

WordPress content management system is one of the easiest and powerful platforms there is but this is by far the easiest way to manage a WordPress site.

WordPress Stats Infographic, Simplified

I like infographics just as the next guy but some are just hard to read. Not that they are badly designed, there is just so much information on them, that making sense and trying to relate to any of it is just over my head, and I like to think that I understand WordPress pretty… read more »

3 Steps To Increase Your Blog Conversion Rate

Take your monthly conversion amount and divide it by your monthly page views. This will give you your blog conversion rate. You will probably be pretty upset by this number because your page views are lying to you. They make you feel like the blog is doing really good, when in fact the numbers that… read more »

Top 5 Reasons Why Your Blog Is So Slow

This may be the most common problem that WordPress bloggers run into. Crawling blog load speed can be caused by many different things, which without actually digging in and investigating, it is impossible to guess. There are however, some simple things you can check before you sound the alarm. Chances are it will be one… read more »

Make 7 Times More Sales Just By Blogging

Sadly, many small business owners are leaving so much potential on the table without even knowing it. Then there is also a category of a business owner that knows that there’s dollars spread all over the table but is too lazy or too busy to reach out and claim their stake. Perhaps this topic is… read more »