3 Steps to Higher Local Map Listing in Google

Every local business wants to rank higher in google’s local map listings. This is easier said than done for most. The reason is because, how to get there, is hard to understand.

List Of 69 Design Related (Available) Domains I Didn’t Choose

List of good domain names that I compiled, in case anyone else wants to pluck something good from it that they can use. Check them out.

Why Your Tiny AdWords Budget Is A Waste & Why You Should Invest In SEO Instead

In my work with a wide variety of clients, I’ve seen both, ones that understand the value in SEO and ones that do not.

How To Hire A Web Designer, Best Advice You’ll Ever Get

There are many choices when you need to get your website designed, but at the same time there are only very few, it all depends what you really need. Seriously though, we all already know this..

Top Selling WordPress Theme

With over 55,900 sales, the Avada theme dominates the WordPress theme sales at ThemeForest. The next most popular one behind Avada is U-Design theme, with over 33,000 sales

Barley CMS for WordPress, Content Editing Plugin

WordPress content management system is one of the easiest and powerful platforms there is but this is by far the easiest way to manage a WordPress site.

Automatic Blog Comment SPAM Removal Plugin

Blog Comment SPAM is annoying is an understatement. Working with many clients that run WordPress, I hear their complaints about the massive amounts of commen

10-Day Email Marketing Plan with and Autoresponder

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to sell your stuff. It is also very beneficial to a company to employ this method of marketing because it builds their email list and that is the most important asset of a company. The leads on this list can be accessed at any time to… read more »

60+ Free Responsive WordPress Themes For Your Blog

Responsive WordPress Themes are the talk of the town today, since the release of different mobile devices with various screen sizes, every webmaster wants to serve their audience. That’s the beauty of responsive websites, because they are able to adapt to any screen size and you don’t have to create another website just to target… read more »

Unlimited Children Loop in PHP

Children loops are pesky little annoyances when it comes to remembering exactly how to do it. This time, after searching for the right way to do it, I figured it out and never wanted to lose it again. This is why I posted it on here, so it is easy to find next time. The… read more »