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Best SEO Keyword Research Plugin for WordPress

Doing SEO keyword research is a manual process that is very time consuming and having any kind of tool that can help with it is always a good thing. This plugin, called Keyword Winner, lives right in your WordPress admin, and is not just any plugin, it is an awesome plugin!

They claim that it will take less than a minute to do keyword research for your blog post and then 3 hours to rank #1 in google for highly searched, non-competitive keywords. This method of targeting highly searched, non-competitive keywords is great for long-tail benefits – meaning the traffic from those keywords will keep coming and coming for years keeping you at the top of the results page. It will not be a lot of traffic at once, like from a highly-competitive words which, I should mention, is hard to almost impossible to rank well for anyway, but with the long-tail method, your blog will stand a much better chance.

With Keyword Winner you will research keywords right from your post window. It places the research tool right between the Title field and the post content text area. It will display results right there and you can select what you need and how you want to use it right from there. Very convenient for sure.

Get Keyword Winner here: KeywordWinner Plugin for WordPress

I know there is never enough time to do keyword research on top of having to find time to write blog posts regularly but when you think about it, if you write 10 blog posts that are interesting but are not keyword optimized your efforts are in vain. You will get the initial burst of traffic from people that are subscribed to your blog but after a month or so, it will be dead. Why not invest in half as many posts but optimize them for long-tail and these posts will keep bringing traffic in month-in-month-out.

Watch their intro video at the link below and you will see the benefits of this plugin with your own eyes.

Check out Keyword Winner here: KeywordWinner Video

Keyword Winner people do offer an affiliate program for referring clients to them so I am taking advantage of that, so the link above is my affiliate link and I will make a commission from any sales originating from it. Having said that, I do not promote products that I do not believe in my self and would never mislead my readers and friends for a few bucks. When I promote a product it is because I really think it will help my readers and make their life a lot easier. That is why I am here blogging, and not because it is good for my health. 🙂

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