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Valik Rudd

Valik is the owner of Timber Web Design and is a web designer and a web developer, based in Post Falls, ID. He has been in the industry since 2000 and has developed his expertise over the years by doing the work. With over a thousand projects and countless solutions for everyone from individuals to corporate clients, Valik can get your project done the right way.

Timber Web Design is a one-stop-shop for websites and web apps. We do design, development and everything from concept development to launch, and from launch to success. Most of the work is done by Valik to control the level of workmanship and quality that his clients trust him with. In some cases we outsource parts of a project to trusted, professional contractors.

Valik lives in North Idaho with his wife and 4 kids. When not working, he like taking road trips and working on his pickup truck restoration project.

Your success is our focus. When we take on a client, besides the work that needs to be done, we keep an eye on things that can be improved or optimized to make sure that the client we partner with is set up for success.

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Valik Rudd
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We Specialize

Majority of the clients we work with don’t have a new website that they need developed. They already have a website and it requires new features added or changes to existing elements.

Our specialty is to go in into an existing website, figure out how things were built and repair or add elements to the site. Many developers are not willing to do that and would want to do their own development from scratch. We can do both, this is why our clients value our services.

Our clients vary from individuals with a single website that needs improvements to commercial clients that have many websites that need ongoing improvements and build-outs. There is also an occasional website rescue of a website that has been hacked and needs to be cleaned and restored.

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Web Development

Over the last 24+ years, the projects we’ve worked on include designing and developing new custom websites from concept to launch. Most clients we work with require some kind of custom features that require expertise in WordPress codex, plugins or in an integration with a 3rd-party service. This is why they come to us.

We’ve also worked on various custom applications and dashboards that aggregate data from multiple remote locations for reporting. From custom WordPress plugins to special embedded mini-apps on a page.

We’ve spent about 2+ years deep in Shopify Plus design and development a few years ago working on an eCommerce site that we migrated from an antiquated system with 60,000 customer records, hundreds of products and thousands of historical transactions into Shopify Plus. This data migration required a custom Shopify App that we developed.

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We also do graphic design. It is where Valik’s journey began back in high school and we’ve been doing design projects along side the development work ever since. From Logos and web graphics to product label designs and 3d product mockups for eCommerce sites.

Almost all the websites we’ve built were also designed by us. We’ve designed logos for companies and organizations.

A pet and dental products eCommerce company hired us to design their product labels that we also then mocked up as digital 3D thumbnails as product photos for the website.

We’ve designed business cards, brochures and all kinds of other print collateral.

Design brings us about the same amount of joy to work on as development. This is why we never picked one side and focused on it and dropped the other one. It’s an all0in-one for us.

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Many relationships with our clients start with consultations that then turn into projects. Although initial consultations are always free, sometimes they turn into ongoing consultation and guidance, whether it be regarding marketing or general website direction and blogging, we offer consulting as a service.

With our thorough experience in all things web, we offer expertise that our clients can tap into any time they need advise or encouragement in their online endeavors.

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